Expanded Edition Forthcoming with Red Hen Press. Coming Spring 2026

"These wise and vulnerable essays, and the gorgeous poems that accompany them, are a balm for the uncertain girls inside each of us. What a gift Donna and Joyce have created in Uncertain Girls in Uncertain Times, full of light and inspiration for the messy and complicated journey to finding our paths and purpose, especially for young people, but really for all of us.”

Ruth Dickey – executive director of the National Book Foundation

“In a world filled with increased uncertainty, gathering with a beloved community becomes increasingly paramount for wellbeing. Uncertain Girls is a growing sisterhood of women and witches lifting each other up and holding space for life's unknowns.”

Cleo Barnett – Director of Amplifier Art Lab

"For so many of us, the present is truly a time of uncertainty. But the words from Uncertain Girls are the most reassuring comfort. I'm finding these poems and their accompanying essays to be excellent bedtime reading. Each one from this diverse cast of contributors reminds me that tomorrow is a new day, and that art and creativity give us permission to dream. "

Hannah Bae Korean-American writer, journalist, and illustrator