Uncertain Girls want to know there is a path to a meaningful and joy filled  future. They want counsel, conversation, and a sense of camaraderie. They want to learn from your experience, to understand that while life is hard it is also rewarding. They want to know where you have roamed and the paths you have wandered.  They want to know when you stalled and what propelled you forward.  When you listened to your inner beat, when you said “no” to fear, when you found your conviction and knew you would be okay, at least for a while. They want to see how you met the challenges of life, and how you embraced or overcame them.

This is your chance to share insight and experience, to lend a hand to young women in these uncertain times. And there are just three things you need to do:


Think about your experience of passing through the portal from college to life, or another life transition that was meaningful to you. Think about what mattered to you, what shaped and inspired you during that time.  Think about the counsel you received that helped you through a challenging time or the advice or insight you wish you’d been given. What influenced your path? And what would you most like to share with young women today as they step into the unknown?

Then write it down — a short, personal reflection on your experience. Write it as if you were addressing a young woman today. Tell her what you learned in a manner that will inspire, support, and encourage her as she starts on her own journey.


Find a poem that resonates and stirs you, one that seems to distill some essential truths of your personal reflection, and serves to make sense of the possibilities and challenges of stepping into the unknown of the “real world.”

Why poetry? We believe poetry is a superhighway into our interior self and a perfect partner for reflection and inspiration. It sparks our heart, opens our eyes, and invites us into a bigger world, one filled with possibilities we may never have imagined. 


Once you’ve written your personal reflection and selected your poem, send them to . Your submission may be in plain text, Microsoft Word, or Apple Pages format.

Please also include a one or two-sentence bio to let us know who you are.)

We’ll be gathering submissions throughout 2019. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!