The Uncertain Girls Project

The goal of the Uncertain Girls Project is to inspire and encourage the thinkers, problem solvers, peacemakers, and creators launching into adulthood to trust their inner authority and find the confidence to build a meaningful life in this uncertain and chaotic world.  The project believes in the inter-generational sharing of wisdom, and the unique power of poetry to spark connection, open our eyes, and invite us into a bigger world, one filled with possibilities we may never have imagined.

Uncertain Girls in Uncertain Times began with a request from Evie, my daughter, in the months leading up to her college graduation. I had suggested gifting her a collection of recipes to launch her into adulthood, something my mother had done for me, and she countered, “How about a collection of poems to guide me through the uncertainties of life instead?”

First I asked friends for the poems that resonated most deeply with their lives. Invariably the poems came with conversation — snippets of advice, hard-won wisdom, and a genuine interest in having things go well for the next generation of women.

Then Joyce and I joined forces and the project expanded, we began asking women from around the country, in different jobs, of varying ages, with different life experiences, to lend their voice and their wisdom to Uncertain Girls. The perspectives and advice were wise and varied and we started to see a mosaic of the many different ways there are to craft a meaningful life.   We were often touched to tears by the authenticity of essays and poems and honest hope for the next generation.

The project resulted in an anthology titled Uncertain Girls in Uncertain Times – Poetry, Essential Advice, & Practical Know-how for Women Aiming to Set the World on Fire.  It is continuing to evolve and take new shape.   We are now considering future Uncertain Girls projects.  If you are interested in collaborating or have an idea, let us know!